Just found some ‘vintage’ computer books back from the school days.

This is about learning BASIC language

This one is for StoryBoard Plus. ?I remember how some 8 bit animation amazed me. ?The first encounter to computer abuse :p

This one I believe is quite younger. ?It is about memory management in MS-Dos 5.0 / 6.0. ?The beginning of Microsoft’s golden era.

Some Lotus add on book I never read. ?I believe it’s my sister’s

This one is for learning FoxPro 2.6 for DOS programming. Never go trough chapter 1. ?Just used for reference back then.


This one is for FoxPro for Windows 3.x I believe. ?See blue “Comes with Diskette” ribbon on the bottom right side. ?This also used for references only. ?Never actually read it.

I don’t recall how and when I acquire this book. ?I think it’s when I’m working as a network engineer. ?It is about Novell Netware. ?Are they still exist? ?I remember the “fire phaser = 3” thing 🙂

The only book I think still relevant until today. Never read it though.




Mungkin ini juga menarik